The Smart Business Decision

Sightux’s bundled program offers discounts based on the number of product categories you select to purchase from Sightux. Significant savings can be afforded by purchasing across product lines.

Satisfies both Engineering and Purchasing

Sightux passes on savings related to the efficiencies gained in bundling our products. Our engineers are dedicated to designing products that ease your life and reduce truck rolls.

Commitment to Quality Consistency & On Site QC

Sightux stands behind every product in its bundle. While many suppliers can submit golden samples to pass client‘s qualification tests (this is known as quality suitability), few actually have the capability or the organization commitment to mass produce products consistently to the same product specs from day to day and from batch to batch (this is known as quality consistency).

Reduced Vendor Base

Sightux's bundled solution represents about 80% of the value of a typical surveillance install. Allows the placement of fewer POs to fewer vendors

About Hangzhou Sightes Technology

Hangzhou Sightes Technology is a global provider for the video surveillance industry that designs, engineers, and distributes a number of products including Camera, Recorder, Category Cable, CCTV Cable, Audio/Control/Instrumentation Belden equivalent cables, Tools and Accessories etc. With our unmatched service and professions, we are committed to exceeding our customers' and partners' expectations for value, quality and reliability by providing "One-Stop Shop"
Hangzhou Sightes Technology provides distinctive programs of customer support in Sales, Sourcing, and Business Operations to ease your life.